Very buttery cod

Whenever I cook this recipe, I always make enough for two days, it is so good. Don't be scared about the very large amount of butter, you don't need to eat it all, but you might, it is delicious on potatoes and green vegetables like broccoli, green beans, sugar snap peas, or just regular frozen peas.

This recipe would work with other white fish like haddock or pollock as well. Just make sure that your fish comes from sustainable source.

* indicates that the ingredient is organic / easily available in the UK as organic

Prep time 5 mins

Cooking time 30 mins

Serves 2 adults and a baby x2


1kg cod loins, boneless and skinless

1 bulb of garlic*

2 lemons*

250g butter*

salt and black pepper* to taste


Heat the oven to 220C. Put the butter in an ovenproof dish and place it in the oven as it heats, we are after melted butter here, so as soon as it melts, remove it from the oven. Add crushed garlic, juice of 2 lemons, little bit of salt and pepper. Stir your sauce and place the cod inside. You want the fish to be covered in the butter as much as possible, so spoon it over if it is not swimming in the butter sauce. Place in the oven and let it bake.

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