Babies do come with a manual - learn to trust yourself and your baby

Mums worry so much about everything! We are terrified of making mistakes, want to do everything perfect. Partly, because our decisions and choices are judged by other mums, as well as our partners and wider families. Suddenly, everyone is an expert and has an opinion and can point out why you are doing something wrong. Sadly, many mums don't get to enjoy parenting and they feel like it is taking over their life, with no time for anything else, drowning.

Your little one may need milk, food, more milk, a nap, and then more milk, food, a bath, and more milk, and then sleep, and maybe another night time feed, and you need to change the nappy, go for a walk, and play for a bit, cook dinner, clean, do shopping, not to mention going to the bank, post office, doctor. And then someone comments that you are doing it all wrong! How do you get it all done and enjoy the experience? 

There is no such thing as perfect parenting

Relax. Is your baby healthy? Good. What do you need to get done today? Do it. Take your baby along, pack some food, milk (no need if you are breastfeeding) and go about your life. Your baby can eat on the go, can be easily changed on the go, can nap in the stroller and you will tick the walk off as well. They can play literally with anything and find it more enjoyable than an actual toy. And if you don't manage a bath at night, who cares, nothing bad will happen. Most importantly, ignore any unwelcome advice, especially if someone has no idea about babies.

Attitude is everything

Most mums will instinctively know what their baby needs, because babies are very good at communicating. They can't talk and yet we work it out, they cry and you will soon know why. This natural instinct is what you need to trust. Forget schedules and measured milk portions, forget boring pureed baby food and treat your little one like an individual who knows what is best for them. They know how much to eat, when to stop, and they will let you know when they need more. Don't blindly follow rules in a parenting book or what your health visitor has told you, if you think your baby needs something else, just do it.

It is highly unlikely you will break your baby

I assume we are all reasonable adults here. If you are a good person and do everything you can to bring up your child, you can't really go wrong.

Parents remind me of older people who have never used a computer. They are scared to touch any buttons on the keyboard or click with their mouse on an option they have never clicked on before because they are scared that they will break something. But they won't! Honestly, it's fine, and you know it. See what works for you and your baby, adjust until you are both happy.

Babies don't need much to be healthy and happy, so make your baby a part of your life, they are just as  much a part your family as you are and you get to decide how you want to raise them. Do what needs to be done and enjoy any time you have left and be grateful for it! It goes so fast...