Top 10 baby snacks for BLW and beyond

It can be difficult to know, especially at the beginning, what is good as a snack for your baby, or what nutritional food you can give them when out and about. Beginnings can be very messy so thinking it through is important. I have been through this, some things worked, some didn't, and others need to be tailored to their age and abilities. Here is a round up of the best snacks that worked for us.

1. Banana

By far the easiest to carry around, good for all ages, available from any shop and comes in its own packaging. Just don't let them handle the whole banana at 6 months, it can be very messy and will turn everything brown, have done it and had to wash the car seat cover.

2. Soft oat bars

Buy one of organic brand options or make your own (recipe coming soon). Very filling and probably the healthiest of snacks of this kind. Suitable from 9 months and above, or whenever you think your baby is ready.

3. Blueberries

Very healthy and suitable for all ages, just be aware that the youngest babies may need help with picking them up and you may find them come out whole the other end, iykwim. Not as messy as the other softer berries.

4. Breadsticks

In my opinion, not really a snack until they have teeth, but a way to keep them occupied. Available in many flavours and various flour combinations, also gluten free. If hard bread sticks are not your or your baby's thing, you can always make your own.

5. Sandwiches

Sandwich made with a simple filling can be a snack or lunch. Try egg or tuna mayo with sweetcorn, cheese and tomato, hummus or nut butter. 

6. Apple

Just as good as banana in terms of availability, but suitable for kids over a year or those with some teeth. Also not too messy. You may need to peel it though as the skin can be difficult to chew. You also need to remember that it is safer to give baby a whole apple when they can scrape what they can with their little teeth, rather than giving them small pieces of hard apple they are unable to chew and can choke on. 

7. Dates

We love dates, they are small, easy to carry around, soft and healthy. They are high in sugar though and so you still need to be careful not to let your kids too many. This advice goes for any other fruit really, fresh or dried. Everything in moderation. Our favourite dates.

8. Grapes

The only reason grapes are not higher on my list is because you need to cut them in half for babies to avoid choking. This of course translates to sticky hands.

9. Cheese

I love cheese and so does the baby. I know, it is not the healthiest of foods, but babies don't need to worry about the calories and if they eat healthy food throughout the day, this is a perfectly good option. Cheese is full of calcium, so it is good for them as well. Just make sure you give them actual cheese rather than some dodgy cheese-like stuff.

10. Rice cakes

To be honest, rice cakes are on this list only because I know they are popular and some kids love them. My little one, not so much. If she is very hungry, she will eat anything, but usually we have other snacks at home that she prefers. Well, they are bland, very very bland. And actually quite messy. But if your baby is into them, good for you. You can get no salt, low salt and standard versions, but also ones with sesame seeds. There are some rice cakes made specifically for kids, but they are only smaller and more expensive, what they do offer is usually a bit of extra fruit powder on them, making them even more messy. I just stick with the normal ones.

If you have any good ideas for snacks that work for you, please share them in the comments. It is always good to try new stuff.