The child who eats everything at 2.5

So what happens to a baby who ate everything during her weaning stage? Well, good question. Is she a fussy eater? No. But would everyone looking at her agree? Probably not. That’s a pickle of sorts. ‘How can this be?’ I hear you ask. Well… she eats everything, when she feels like it. Isn’t everyone like this though? Just because she doesn’t fancy a banana on Monday, it doesn’t mean that she will not eat two or even three on Tuesday. Maybe Monday is just an orange day or a raspberry day. And when she eats raspberries for a few days in a row because she loves them, there comes a day when it is just too much and she is back to eating tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and sometimes as a snack. The bottom line is, she will try everything, eat everything, but may prefer different preparations. For example, peppers are preferred raw, food is best unmixed, in its most original, clean form, cucumbers need to be peeled, or she will only eat the soft watery middle. A few things like that. We all have those quirky little likes and dislikes, don’t we? Wouldn’t call that fussy.

What is the most important for me, and what I and many many people struggle with, is not eating beyond being full. This is taught behaviour, a benefit of not pushing that one more spoon full. What would you give to be able to do that, to be able to control how much you eat, with no effort, no thinking about it, because it is normal. Sadly, for me normal is eating one more slice of pizza because I love it, or going for ice cream after having a meal at a restaurant, when I’m clearly not hungry any more. Try offering anything to my little one after her dinner, anything at all, her favourite, sweet or savoury, something she always wants to try when we have it but is not allowed, and she will not even look at it. This is not a result of very strong willpower, not in a toddler, this is normal for her, and it should be normal full stop. Overeating is not normal, it doesn’t have to be a cause of stress, a reason to deny yourself the food you like, counting calories or dieting. Not for your child.

I am working on a mini course that will teach you everything I know and tried with my little one. A course that will help you raise a child that is healthy and free of worries about fussy eating, but also about obesity. These two are so surprisingly closely related, it’s crazy. It may take a while, but please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.