The best first solid foods for your baby

The information on the best first solid food to give to your baby can be conflicting and confusing as different methods and even different countries suggest something else. The truth is, it is your choice. As long as it is healthy, has no added salt and your baby can eat it, anything goes. The only thing that babies cannot eat, and for a good reason, are whole nuts, runny egg yolks and honey. You also don't need to worry about allergies unless there are some in your family, so feel free to introduce new food whenever you wish.

I started thinking and making a list of perfect baby foods way before it was even time for weaning. You can see my list below. Now, not all of those turned out to be as good as I thought and in practice some didn't work, while others did. What I would like to show here is that you won't really know what works for your baby until you try. Another thing is that making a list like this will help you refer to it, add some new ideas, and keep some for later if you find your baby is not capable of eating something at the beginning. We all tend to get stuck in a rut and choose similar food during our weekly shop. This unfortunately does not help your baby learn to eat all the variety of fruits and vegetables. If you make a list of everything you can think of, at least you will be reminded that there are other foods out there that perhaps you should try.

This was my list:

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 20.01.15.png

There is no best food!

You can literally give your baby any food. Soft, quite large pieces of roasted vegetables or some fruits would work best as the very first food, but honestly, I wouldn't worry. Whatever is on your plate, is suitable (as long as it is not salty, or generally unhealthy junk!). 

Even looking at the list now, I can tell you that at almost 2, my baby still cannot eat celery, she only just started to eat raw peppers, finds sweet potato and any dried fruits too sweet and mozzarella tasteless. She loved olives (not on the list), preferred the standard broccoli to the tender stem one, and we never even tried the sushi balls, although I still think it is a genius idea. We tried so much more than is on the list, and I would definitely add mango and pineapple, tomatoes in any form as they are favourite above all, plums, cheddar, strawberries, oranges, prawns and so much more. There is no end to this really, the more they try early, the better.

Use this list as an inspiration, add your own ideas and make sure you revisit it every now and then to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. The list is only for the very beginning and soon your baby will get better at picking up foods like peas or sweetcorn, and will be able to join in with full family meals.

If you know of any food that worked especially well with your baby, or you think might be a great first food, please share it with others!