She ate brain for the first time and loved it! #yuckmyyum

Grandma is over from India and so such special dishes as brain are on the menu. I am not touching it because not the smell or the taste, but the thought of brain just puts me off. I have never eaten it and my own brain does not recognise it as food. My daughter, on the other hand, loved it and ate it two days in a row.

I have never told her that she shouldn't eat something and she is always allowed to try new foods, even if they are too spicy for her for example. She an find out herself easily enough and ask for a glass of water. Much better than wanting to eat something and being told not to, she doesn't quite understand such complex explanations yet.

When you think about it, kids all over the world have their favourite foods and foods that are 'normal' to them. In Europe or the US, normal would be pasta, tomatoes, apples, grapes, bananas, chicken, you get the point. In India, normal will be mango, guava, a lot more spicy food, lentils, rice and milky sweets. I the Middle East normal would be dates, lamb, cuscus. I some countries olives and pickled herring are normal, in others, many adult would have not even heard of the same foods before. What does this tell you?

Well, this means that there are no foods that children like or prefer. There are only foods that they are familiar with. Sure, taste matters, but is certainly not a major factor. I have said this before, but variety in all aspects of food is crucial in raising a child that will be open to new tastes, shapes and colours. Let me give you one more example. I assume any child will eat pasta. Imagine you have only given your child penne pasta, you know, the short straw shaped one (no idea how to better describe it). Then, one day you serve green spinach coloured tagliatelle, that looks different in terms of shape and is strangely coloured. Would they eat it just as eagerly? Probably not.

Don't set any limits, your child is capable of setting them naturally. This refers to what they eat and to how much they eat at an early age. As long as the food is healthy, there should be no restrictions. Let's not complicate things and let the natural instincts guide your child and build their confidence.