Pepper and tomato paneer

This recipe uses the homemade organic paneer I made earlier this week and you can see it here. Once you have the paneer, homemade or shop bought, it is ready in under 30 minutes! It is best served with Indian rotis, parathas or naan bread, but basmati rice will be good too. If you would like, you can extra onions and use different colours of peppers, I only had red at home, but green would taste very nicely here.

* indicates that the ingredient is organic / easily available in the UK as organic

Prep time 5 mins

Cooking time 20 mins

Serves 2 and a baby x2


300g paneer*

2 peppers*

4 tomatoes*

4 garlic cloves*

1 inch ginger*

1 teaspoon coriander powder

1/2 teaspoon garam masala powder

small bunch of coriander

sunflower oil

salt and red chilli powder to taste


Heat a little bit of oil in the pan and add crushed garlic and grated ginger, fry for 30 seconds. Add chopped tomatoes, peppers, coriander powder and garam masala powder. Fry for 20 minutes on medium flame until peppers are soft. Add a little bit of water if it goes completely dry. Add cubed paneer, half of chopped coriander and cook for a couple of minutes. Season to taste. Serve garnished with remaining chopped coriander.

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This recipe has been entered to the Meat Free Mondays feature at Tinned Tomatoes.