How your good intentions may lead to picky eating

I am not sure if this is just a British thing or if this is available everywhere now, but I could never understand the point of no crusts bread. I also did not understand why you would want to cut the crusts off, especially off a toast bread, they are soft anyway. I understand it now and this example shows very well how parents are harming their kids and introduce unnecessary strange eating habits, all out of good intentions.

Imagine a situation, quite common I suppose, where a parent cuts off crust from bread slices, to make it easier for a child to chew. The bread is white or wholemeal, but without seeds for convenience. There is no salad on a plate because they are not able to chew the thin flimsy leaves properly. Even worse, kids get their own special meals that they love, but then they don't want to eat what the rest of the family is having, because they have never seen, touched or tried such food. The result is, they never want to eat crusts, salad, bread with seeds - it is all foreign with weird textures and unfamiliar tastes. Still wonder why they wouldn't eat it?

I am guilty as well. It is not always easy for the whole family to eat the same food, especially if you like spicy Indian food. Our little one can't eat spicy, and I don't want her to this early anyway, and so sometimes she gets her special different meal of what she likes: fish, broccoli or green beans, some tomatoes, cucumbers and just has our rice, which is all nice, but when I make an effort to prepare mild Indian meal, not everything goes down as well as I would hope. It's just different.

So I urge you not to try to help and please your child unnecessarily as you may doing more damage than good. Give them food as it is, in all its varieties. The best way to do this is always offering what you like to eat so they can at least try it and if they have any favourites, introduce variety. There are hundreds of types of bread, fish or even tomatoes. Different colours, textures and tastes, but would be much easier to accept.

Make it easier for yourself in the short and the long run. If you overcomplicate things at the beginning, the habits will set in and you will be entertaining those habits for the years to come. Not a nice prospect.