Making baby food doesn't make you a better parent

Seeing that I am interested in the topic of food and weaning, I am a frequent visitor to various baby forums and community groups. What continues to astound me, and this has become more obvious to me since I started to think like a minimalist, is that many things that mums do is not for the good of their babies, but because of the belief that the more you do, the more busy you are, somehow this makes you a better parent. I know that parenting can be hard, but why make it more difficult for yourself?

It doesn't make you a better parent if you have problems with your baby sleeping through the night, the same as it doesn't make you a better parent when you are cooking special homemade baby food. There is nothing really wrong with it per se, and it is your choice after all, but you could greatly simplify your life if you just stopped doing things that don't need doing, so that you could spend more quality time with your baby. There are thousands upon thousands of mums online showing off their baby food, sharing recipes, discussing which single solid food to introduce first, as if that mattered, as if it made you a better parent for putting that extra (unnecessary) effort. 

If you have to do the traditional mush on spoon weaning, fine, make baby food at home over getting jars, sure that might be better. But I honestly fail to see the reason why you would CHOOSE to do that. The only reasons that I can see, is convenience in case of getting jars of baby food from the shop, but even this is questionable (shopping, extra money, feeding it). If you are not doing that and cooking extra meals at home, are you just finding yourself a hobby because you are restless and need to stay busy. There literally are no other benefits to this.

Not only you need to cook twice, you also need to store baby food, which means additional clutter, money and time spent buying and maintaining it. You even waste time on feeding the baby, who is perfectly capable of doing it on their own while you sit together to enjoy a meal.

Is it really possible those mums don't know about baby led weaning? Is there something they are afraid of, and if so is it rational? Why would they insist on feeding the baby from 4 months old when the guidelines are clear that it should be six months, no matter how you actually feed the baby? Are they doing it for themselves? Is feeding the baby just another hobby to pass the time? What's wrong with having a simpler life? So many questions, and yet the answers don't really satisfy me.

I know baby led weaning is not an answer to all your feeding or health problems, I know that there is a lot more than this that needs doing and not doing so as not to bring a picky eating toddler. But consider this. What if you were less busy, would you know what to do with yourself? I think that last question would be the most difficult to answer honestly. I think many mums stay busy on purpose, by choice, because living a simpler life can be frightening and we just don't know how to do it any more and busy is our new normal, what the society expects of mums.

I don't mean to be mean, honestly, but why do it to yourself? Free up your time and enjoy your baby!