Indian scrambled eggs aka nice eggs

There is a reason why they are known as ‘nice eggs’ in our family, they are really nice. I first tried them in India and have been making them ever since. They are just as quick to make as any scrambled eggs or an omelette and only have a few ingredients, but the taste is amazing. Be careful with green chilli, they can be really hot, so make sure you can handle them for breakfast. You can remove the seeds to keep that lovely green chilli taste with a little less heat. What I tend to do is add them right at the end and save some still mild egg for the baby. Pop them on a toast with optional cheddar. 

*indicates organic ingredient / easily available in the UK as organic

Prep time 5 mins

Cooking time 5 mins

Serves 2 adults and a baby


30 g butter*

1 onion*

6 free range eggs*

1 green chilli

small bunch of fresh coriander

salt to taste


Add butter to the pan and fry finely chopped onions with a pinch of salt until golden. Add coriander and green chilli and fry for a minute. Now add eggs, stir them slowly trying not to break the yolks until the end of cooking. This way your eggs will be nice and moist and have large egg pieces. Serve hot.