A trip to organic halal farm, lots of pictures

Last Sunday we went to an open day at Willowbrook Farm in Oxfordshire and it was a truly lovely experience. I have to admit, I have not been to many working farms, and although I grew up in a countryside, we never had any animals, other than dogs and cats. 

Willowbrook Farm is a proper organic family run farm, what’s more, it is halal! You don’t come across organic halal meat very often, I don’t know why, surely many Muslims must be looking for organic halal meat. I would have thought it to be a great business. During the tour, the owner discussed halal and organic farming, with plenty of chances for questions, like 'can chickens hatch from every egg'. Whether you are Muslim or not, whether you believe that halal slaughter is right or wrong, the issue of farming is the same for all meat eaters. Is your chicken halal just because it was slaughtered in a halal (correct, lawful, permissible) way? Or is factory farming when chickens are cramped, never see the daylight and are pumped with hormones and antibiotics actually haram (impermissible)? It is surely not halal to farm them that way, yet what Muslims tend to worry about is only the way they are killed, not their welfare when they are alive. Something to think about.

I love going out to the countryside, plus a tour of the farm, chickens, hens, turkeys, geese, a horse, alpacas, rabbits, sheep, goats and maybe something else I have missed. Oh, and lunch, lamb burgers, lovely! The weather was great for this time of year, warm and sunny, so I took a lot of pictures of animals, which you can see below.

There was also a chance to purchase organic halal meat and eggs. Have not tried meat yet, but eggs are great, much better than organic supermarket eggs, large and cheaper too. As good as the eggs we get in the village in Poland, certainly the best I have had in the UK. You can also buy meat online if you don’t live nearby.

I would recommend a visit to the farm to anyone, big and small. We really enjoyed it. My little girl feels best running on a field, you can even see her trying to be a sheep. 

This was the last open day this year and they will start again in spring and we are already planning to go again and see the spring lambs. You can still visit the farm this Sunday, 4th October. There will not be all the attraction of an open day, but you can see the animals, buy their produce, and have some homemade cake.

Enjoy the pictures!