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Creamy salmon and fresh peas pasta

There is something super inspiring about going shopping, finding something different, coming home and cooking it. To be honest, I never bother cooking with fresh peas. Frozen are just so convenient (and cheaper) that it seems like you really need to go out of your way just to make one meal with fresh ones. It is not that hard though, although this recipe could be done in half the time if I used peas straight from the packet. They are lovely and sweet and will give a baby or an older child something to do and help develop their fine motor skills, so don't be afraid to use child labour in this instance, but at the same time don't be surprised if there are more peas on the floor than in the bowl.

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Oven baked cobbler with spinach mash and poached egg

I may be against giving mashed food to babies, but mashed potatoes have to be mashed, this is what they are. Spinach goes really well with creamy mash, fish and egg. River cobbler (aka panga / pangasius / basa) fillets are very versatile and delicate, ideal for children who may not like more fishy fish. Again, one of my family's favourites.

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Very buttery cod

Whenever I cook this recipe, I always make enough for two days, it is so good. Don't be scared about the very large amount of butter, you don't need to eat it all, but you might, it is delicious on potatoes and green vegetables like broccoli, green beans, sugar snap peas, or just regular frozen peas.

This recipe would work with other white fish like haddock or pollock as well. Just make sure that your fish comes from sustainable source.

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Black rice, tuna and chargrilled pepper salad with spring onions

Few ingredients, but lovely and very filling salad. Black rice is very healthy and a good source of iron, vitamin E and antioxidants among many other vitamins and minerals. It has nutty taste and actually turns deep purple during cooking. It is not the same as wild rice. It takes about 40 minutes to cook, so I tend to cook whole packet at once and freeze half of cooked rice to use later. Just put it in a box in the freezer and when you want to use it again, either defrost in the fridge, or pop in the microwave for a few minutes.

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Smoked salmon and cherry tomato risotto

This one is delicious. Smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, capers, parsley and lemon zest go so well together. This may not seem like food that kids would love, but mine does, so does my husband and so do I. That's the thing, people assume that kids don't like certain foods, yet in different cultures when those foods are a staple element, kids love them. Point is, if you don't let them try different foods from a very young age, they will grow to love only what they know and new, strange tastes will not go down well. Don't let that happen, don't let them miss out on wonderful different tastes.

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