Four ways of dealing with criticism of your parenting methods

When you have a child, everyone and their dog have an opinion on how you should raise them, what they should be able to do and not do, what they should eat and when, how much etc., the list can go on. When it is your neighbour offering some 'helpful' advice, you can just brush it off and move on with your day, but the situation gets a lot more complicated when it is your partner, grandparents, or even best friend.

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Haniyah nofussyeaters
Making baby food doesn't make you a better parent

Seeing that I am interested in the topic of food and weaning, I am a frequent visitor to various baby forums and community groups. What continues to astound me, and this has become more obvious to me since I started to think like a minimalist, is that many things that mums do is not for the good of their babies, but because of the belief that the more you do, the more busy you are, somehow this makes you a better parent. I know that parenting can be hard, but why make it more difficult for yourself?

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She ate brain for the first time and loved it! #yuckmyyum

Grandma is over from India and so such special dishes as brain are on the menu. I am not touching it because not the smell or the taste, but the thought of brain just puts me off. I have never eaten it and my own brain does not recognise it as food. My daughter, on the other hand, loved it and ate it two days in a row.

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