What is this all about?

Ultimately, it is about happier, simpler and healthier family life. I hacked it and want to share it with you because everyone deserves to be happy.

I remember planning the moment I would introduce solid food to my daughter - before she was even born! I was reading and looking at recipe books, blenders, little storage boxes. This stuff is really appealing, so you go along and do what other mums do - get ready for blending and mushing. It is disappointing when you realise that all the gadgets are just a waste of money and additional clutter in your kitchen. To feed your child well, you only need healthy food, nothing more.

It's all about you and your little one

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This is us

Hi, my name is Haniyah and I am a mum to a little girl who loves her food, vegetables, weird stuff I won't touch, and all. I am a "half-psychologist" (I have a joint degree, so it must be a thing) and a minimalist, and believe that simplicity is the key to happiness.

 This is us with Monkey only 6 months old, miss this already...

This is us with Monkey only 6 months old, miss this already...


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