no fussy eaters

Feeding your child can feel like a struggle, but doesn't have to be. Strip out the unnecessary and welcome peace of mind.


Start at the beginning

You don't need anything special, no equipment, no baby food. Healthy ingredients and everyday utensils are enough. Your child is capable of eating everything that you do, so if you are not starving, your child won't be either.

Don't bring up a fussy eater, give your child the ultimate start in life using psychology and common sense!

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Variety and consistency

This is your secret, it's not really a secret. All you need to do is introduce your child to as much different food, textures, colours and tastes as possible. Don't give up or stop once they like something, just do your thing: variety, variety, variety. Never limit your child and pass on your dislikes. If all they will eat is pasta, don't stop at spaghetti Bolognese! De-stress your meal time and turn it to family time.

No lists of things to buy, no gimmicks. Don't be disappointed if it sounds too simple!